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“Quiet Kids” with Christine Fonseca

Fonseca head shotThis week we welcomed author and longtime friend of #gtchat, Christine Fonseca, to discuss her book Quiet Kids about introverted gifted children. A full transcript can be found here.

Christine shared with us that she wrote the book after being inspired  by the countless stories she had from working with families struggling with their children who were introverted. As an adult introvert herself, she wanted to have others understand the strength and power of introverts. Given that so many GT individuals are gifted, she also wrote it as part of her push to help others understand giftedness.

From Christine ~ “Extroversion and introversion refer to a person’s temperament; and temperament is hardwired for the most part. It has to do with how a person utilizes energy; for extroverts, they crave social connection, thriving off of the energy of another. Introverts, renew their person energy through solitude; to them, the energy of social involvement is often overwhelming.”

We would like to thank Christine for providing a copy of her book that we gave away during the chat!

Quiet Kids book cover


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