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How to Build a Culture of Thinking

The ‘Culture of Thinking’ movement began in 1993 with the publication of a book by Ron Ritchhart. Today, it is encapsulated in the Project Zero at Harvard University’s School of Education. It is funded (through the end of 2013) by Bialik College in Melbourne, Australia under the patronage of Abe and Vera Dorevitch. A full transcript of this chat may be found here.


The Thinking-Learning Connection / Creating a Culture of Thinking (1993)

10 Ways to Create a Culture of Thinking

‘Creating a Culture of Thinking’ (pdf) Ron Ritchhart

Cultures of Thinking Project Zero Harvard Graduate School of Education

How do you help engender a culture of thinking within your learning community? TED Conversations

Thinking Deeply in Kindergarten

Thinking is Contagious! How our Cultures of Thinking Journey Began

Structure and Purpose of Thinking Routines (RRR # 1)

Creating Cultures of Thinking: The 8 Forces We Must Marshal to Truly Transform Our Schools

An Overview of Ron Ritchhart’s Keynote Talk at Project Zero Classroom 2012 (YouTube)

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