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Ginger Lewman and Project Based Learning

Ginger Lewman

Our recent chat with Ginger Lewman centered on Project-Based Learning. Ginger is an Education Consultant with ESSDACK, specializing in Project/Problem Based Learning, gifted and high-ability learners, differentiated instruction, and technology integration. After teaching in public schools for 15+ years, she joined the ESSDACK team, partnering with Kevin Honeycutt to bring you LifePracticePBL, a flavor of Project Based Learning that engages all learners, Kindergarten through High School.

Ginger presented a thorough explanation of the difference between doing projects and Project-Based Learning. “Doing projects is about learning a topic, reading something, being taught AND THEN doing a project that demonstrates what you learned. On the other hand, PBL is about learning *by* doing. It’s about having a question or a challenge to answer and that the learning happens because it has to be gathered/experienced. And the learning has to occur in order to answer the Question or solve the problem.” A full transcript of the chat may be found here.



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Instructional Strategies for Gifted Education

This week’s chat centered on Instructional Strategies for Gifted Education. Although there were many more strategies that could have been discussed, we concentrated on Assessment, Grouping, Differentiation, PBL (Problem/Project-based), Socratic Learning & RtI (Response to Intervention). The transcript can be found here.

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