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A Multi-Talent’s Growth with Dr. Edith Johnston

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Dr. Edith Johnston joined #gtchat to discuss her work and philosophy on ‘multi-talents’; those individuals with high abilities in several areas. Dr. Johnston’s focus is with those who are not expressing at their desired or needed level. It was noted that multi-talents often feel they are different, but don’t always know why. In response to these feelings, they may hide their talents.

Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, self-medication, dropping out, hiding are all possible consequences for multi-talents who do not understand their own feelings. They often do not ‘learn how to learn’ and this can create conflicts in their adult lives. Dr. Johnston’s advice includes: set mastery as the goal, not perfection; challenge oneself to gain more skill and expand your talent;  and increase self-awareness. A full transcript may be found on this blog.


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#gtchat 7PM ET Transcript June 28, 2013

Gtchat Transcript 062813 7PM ET

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