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Manifestations of Giftedness in Young Children

Many people contest the idea that giftedness is manifested in young children. This idea is reinforced by schools who do not test for gifted programs until the 3rd grade. In this chat, we discussed how giftedness manifests in young children both through  personal observation and links to current research on the topic. A full transcript may be found here on this blog.


Young Gifted Children from Hoagies Gifted Education Page

Small Poppies: Highly Gifted Children in the Early Years from Davidson Gifted

Frequently Asked Questions About Extreme Intelligence in Very Young Children from Davidson Gifted

Young Gifted Learners from the National Association for Gifted Children

Characteristics and Traits of a Gifted Preschooler

Gifted Preschooler from University of Southern Mississippi Karnes Center for Gifted Studies

Identification of Preschool Gifted Children Characteristics Based on Parents’ Observations (pdf)

What Makes Such an Exceptional Child?” (UK)

Envy and Giftedness: Are We Underestimating the Effects of Envy?”  by Catharine V. Alvarez  

Vulnerabilities of Highly Gifted Children” from Davidson Gifted

Cybraryman’s Genius Hour

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