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What Does Success Look Like to You?


This week’s #gtchat took a look at defining success by asking participants what success looked like to them. The definitions were as varied as the participants. Then we looked at the relevancy of ‘happiness’ to success, personal fulfillment, achievement and the idea  of ’eminence’. A full transcript may be found here.

Notable Quotes:

What does success look like to you?

Jen Merrill: “I think success is how far you’ve come from where you began.”

Leslie Graves: “Achieving a feeling of happiness and satisfaction after having been involved with something of interest to me.”

Should ‘happiness’ be a consideration in success?

Justin Schwamm: “ I would say happiness is a by-product of doing what you love, not a goal to seek for its own sake.”

Can a person find personal fulfillment without being successful? 

Terri Eichholz: “Since I think success is only when you have personal fulfillment, then I do not think one without the other is possible.”

Do you equate success with achievement?

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum: “Absolutely not! Success is defined by each individual for themselves… or should be.”

Jeffrey Farley: “I equate success with the achievement of goals, but too often we hold kids accountable for goals in which they aren’t invested.”

Jo Freitag: “Sometimes by happy coincidence success and achievement intersect other times they are independent of each other.”

Can someone be considered a success without becoming eminent in their field?

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum: “Eminence is from the outside; success *should* be an internal feeling.”

Barbara Larochelle: “When students equate success to a % mark, those who regularly achieve 95% + need something more intrinsic.”


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*Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

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