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A Multi-Talent’s Growth with Dr. Edith Johnston

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Dr. Edith Johnston joined #gtchat to discuss her work and philosophy on ‘multi-talents’; those individuals with high abilities in several areas. Dr. Johnston’s focus is with those who are not expressing at their desired or needed level. It was noted that multi-talents often feel they are different, but don’t always know why. In response to these feelings, they may hide their talents.

Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, self-medication, dropping out, hiding are all possible consequences for multi-talents who do not understand their own feelings. They often do not ‘learn how to learn’ and this can create conflicts in their adult lives. Dr. Johnston’s advice includes: set mastery as the goal, not perfection; challenge oneself to gain more skill and expand your talent;  and increase self-awareness. A full transcript may be found on this blog.


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#gtchat: Special Guest, Ian Byrd

Last week, #gtchat welcomed special guest, Ian Byrd. Ian is a former gifted classroom teacher, nationally known speaker and author of the popular website and companion newsletter, Byrdseed Gifted. topics discussed included differentiation (“It’s not “differentiation” to ask gifted kids to help other students or read a book when they’re finished.), how to effectively teach writing skills to gifted learners, inspiring advanced mathematics learners and meeting social-emotional needs in public schools today. A link to the transcript on Storify can be found here.


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