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Becoming a Lifelong Advocate

We started this chat by asking the question, “Who should advocate for gifted children?” and the list seemed limitless. Among those mentioned included parents, grandparents, educators, higher-ed faculty, superintendents, politicians, and policy-makers to name a few. As Corin Goodwin, Executive Director of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, pointed out, “The thing is, advocating for a population isn’t just an education issue. It’s a humanity issue. Part of being civilized.” And Toby Brown added, “Like most things, we should model advocacy for all those who need support.” Experienced advocates already have a network which includes decision makers at the local, state level & beyond.

Global #gtchat then explored why people should advocate for gifted students beyond their/our own children’s school years? Many great responses were given. “Experienced advocates already have a network which includes decision makers at the local, state level & beyond.” “Lifelong advocates provide continuity in local gifted groups and state organizations.” A full transcript may be found here.

Special thanks for the many links added during chat by @Les Links (Leslie Graves), @cybraryman1 (Jerry Blumengarten) and @GiftedHF (Corin Goodwin).


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