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Book Lists for Gifted Learners

In this chat, we discussed the issues surrounding the task of finding appropriate reading material for gifted children. Questions prompted participants to consider bibliotherapy and how reading selections can promote intellectual development and higher order thinking skills. A full transcript can be found here.


Using Bibliotherapy with Gifted Children

Royal Fireworks Press

Great Potential Press

Free Spirit Publishing

Reading Lists for Your Gifted Child from @HoagiesGifted

Resources for Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy with Gifted Students

Read All About It: Using Bibliotherapy with Gifted Children from Round Rock ISD

Seney’s Literature for Gifted Young Adults Thanks to @HoagiesGifted

Scholastic Books’ Book Wizard

A Unique Reading List for Gifted Students in Grades 6 – 12 via @HoagiesGifted

Stephanie Tolan’s Lists of Books and Plays via @HoagiesGifted

Minding the Gap: Engaging Gifted Readers

Book List for Pre-Teen Gifted Readers

Challenging Gifted Readers

Horrible Histories

Cybraryman’s Socratic Seminar

Psychology or Philosophy for Kids from Debbie Smith

Reading Lists from Jo Freitag’s Gifted Resources

Journals for Kids

Info 101: Book List for Pre-Teen Gifted Readers

Some of My Best Friends Are Books: Guiding Gifted Readers (book ~ Amazon)

Book Lists from Armadillosoft

The Gifted Reader’s Bill of Rights (pdf)

Building a Gifted Education PLN

Building a Gifted Education PLN brought together participants from 19 states and 8 countries. The chat centered on the what, who, how and why of Personal Learning Networks. A full transcript may be found here.

Our favorite quotes from the chat include:

Krissy Venosdale@ktvee

“You may think you don’t need a PLN, but that’s just because you don’t realize what you are missing by not having one.”

Jerry Blumengarten@cybraryman1

“Everyone should be included in your PLN: students, parents, educators (teachers, counselors & administrators), community members.”

toby brown@tbbrwn

“Part of the power of the PLN is the global connection. LOVE the ability to erase miles and flatten the planet to facilitate convos.”


Gifted Education Livebinder

Creating on Online PLN in Gifted Education from @MaryStGeorge

The Power of a PLN for Educators of Gifted Learners

Social Media and Gifted Advocacy

The Global Classroom Project Our Year on Skype from @Elle_Gifted

Can Social Media Help Overcome the Problems We Face in Gifted Education? From @GiftedPhoenix

The Professional Learning Network Phenomenon

Why You Need Time to Make Time for a PLN

Gifted Resources Newsletter

Gifted and Talented Ireland

Cybraryman’s PLN Page  

35 Ways To Build Your Personal Learning Network Online

Cybraryman’s Twitter Page

Cybraryman’s Gifted PLN Stars

Irish Gifted Education Blog

Cybraryman’s Educational Chats

Cybraryman’s Student-Centered Classrooms

Analysis of Personal Learning Networks (Slideshare)

The Twitter Experience: The Role of Twitter in the Formation and Maintenance of Personal

Learning Networks

World Conference for Gifted and Talented Children World Conference 2013 (@gtchatmod will be there)

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