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Gifted Cubed – The Expanded Complexity of Race and Culture in Gifted and 2e Kids

Dr. Doresa Jennings on YouTube

This week, Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT joined with Gifted Homeschoolers Forum to introduce their latest free brochure, “Gifted Cubed – The Expanded Complexity of Race and Culture in Gifted and 2E Kids.”

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Our guest and primary author of Gifted Cubed was Dr. Doresa Jennings. Dr. Jennings is a well-respected adjunct professor at the University of Alabama – Huntsville and Colorado State University – Global Campus in Communications Studies. She also homeschools her 3 profoundly gifted children. In the past, she has worked for NASA and the CDC.

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“Gifted Cubed” – a free printable brochure (pdf) from GHF


So, what exactly is ‘gifted cubed’? It refers to children of color with learning differences/difficulties who are also identified as gifted. Unfortunately, when the first two labels are present, the possibility of gifted is often overlooked by schools. Add in the fact that these children may choose not to participate in gifted programs for cultural reasons or their lack of diversity and you see the reasons for the inequitable makeup of these programs.

As Dr. Jennings pointed out, “Often kids who ‘look different’ from others [at] their age-level of ability are seen as misbehaving or even pathological. These kids are more likely to be medicated rather than appropriately identified.” Michelle Mista, a homeschooling mother in San Francisco, added, “Some minorities are labeled troublemakers, period; and the issue is so endemic that their being gifted isn’t even considered. There’s also the issue in cultures where smarts = achievement; giftedness is [not seen as] a possibility.”

Moving forward, what needs to be done to ensure that these kids will be identified and have their needs met? GHF’s brochure is a good start to raise awareness that the problem exists. Educating teachers and parents about the identification process will help as well. All children deserve to have their educational and social-emotional needs met regardless of ethnicity, language, learning differences or being gifted. A full transcript of this chat may be found on our Storify page.


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