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Gifted Education ~ The Engine of Ed Reform?

This chat revolved around the question of whether gifted education strategies were driving Ed Reform and if these strategies were good for all students. Links are provided below to show some schools where gifted education is being done well and the fact that this is a global issue. A full transcript can be found here.


Education Reform Movement Learns Lesson from Old Standards

Why It’s Time for a Reset of Education Reform

MD: “In Light of Declining Test Scores, Lowery Looks to Tackle Reforms

China: Just as Desperate for Education Reform as the U.S.

Adams County S.D.  The District of Choice: FAQs on Gifted Education

Missing in the Education Reform Debate: Voices of Parents and Good Research

Blending Gifted Education and School Reform

Reclaiming Education: Time for a Regeneration

Can educational reform challenge bright students?

Educational Reform Page from Cybraryman 

Cybraryman’s Gifted Advocacy Page

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