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Supporting Exhausted Parents of Gifted Children

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.”

~ Jerry Blumengarten

After insisting that ‘duct tape’ was not the answer, the moderator introduced the first question of this chat which involved considering why parents of gifted children are so exhausted. The responses were varied and not always expected. “They are often screaming into the wind trying to get assistance for the very child who is exhausting them at home.” “Because gifted and 2E kids do not have an off-switch – they are on full pace full intensity 24/7!””They’re often married to OTHER gifted people, which adds an entirely new layer to the whole dynamic.” “Even finding a sitter can be difficult!” The full transcript can be found on this blog.

Participants offered some strategies to help parents deal with the stress. “Just keep swimming. Find a tribe, read the books, have a plan A-Z.” “Cut yourself some slack. It’s not about being super parent.” “Do not rely on traditional parenting advice! Time outs and giving choices never worked for me!” “Don’t worry about the opinions of people who don’t live under your roof: friends, family, teachers, bosses, etc.”


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The Misdiagnosis Initiative from SENG

This week’s #gtchat was a follow-up to our recent interview with Dr. James Webb about the Misdiagnosis Initiative from SENG. A link to that interview appears in the links below.


Since the interview, a major announcement by the National Institute of Mental Health in the U.S. had a major impact on this chat. The NIMH will no longer be supporting the DSM (Data and Statistical Manual for Diagnosing Mental Disorders). With the newest DSM-5 set to be released on May 24th by the American Psychiatric Association, this decision sent shock waves through the Psychiatric community. Justification for the decision was that in the future, diagnosis needs to be based on physiological results rather than on strictly observable behaviors.


Unfortunately, this new approach is at least a decade off; leaving the DSM still a key diagnostic tool for most U.S. health care professionals. Ultimately, it may prove highly beneficial for gifted children and decrease the probability of misdiagnosis. Time will tell.


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