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Becoming a Lifelong Advocate

We started this chat by asking the question, “Who should advocate for gifted children?” and the list seemed limitless. Among those mentioned included parents, grandparents, educators, higher-ed faculty, superintendents, politicians, and policy-makers to name a few. As Corin Goodwin, Executive Director of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, pointed out, “The thing is, advocating for a population isn’t just an education issue. It’s a humanity issue. Part of being civilized.” And Toby Brown added, “Like most things, we should model advocacy for all those who need support.” Experienced advocates already have a network which includes decision makers at the local, state level & beyond.

Global #gtchat then explored why people should advocate for gifted students beyond their/our own children’s school years? Many great responses were given. “Experienced advocates already have a network which includes decision makers at the local, state level & beyond.” “Lifelong advocates provide continuity in local gifted groups and state organizations.” A full transcript may be found here.

Special thanks for the many links added during chat by @Les Links (Leslie Graves), @cybraryman1 (Jerry Blumengarten) and @GiftedHF (Corin Goodwin).


Story of “Coppell Gifted Association”

Why We Should Advocate for Gifted and Talented Students

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Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds (book)

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Needed: Parent Advocacy from Duke TIP

Parent Advocates: Creating Opportunities for Gifted Students from Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University 

Education Policy Primer for Homeschooling Families

How to Advocate for an Appropriate Education for Your Gifted Child

Livebinder from Leslie Graves on “Gifted Advocacy”

Organizing the Gifted Learner

For the second week in a row, #gtchat became a Trending Topic on Twitter from the U.S. and Canada to Australia! Our discussion centered on the why and how of disorganized gifted learners. Participants from 16 states and 6 countries (1st time for China!) chatted about whether being organized was all that important, where to find resources online and the best organizational tips. A full transcript can be found here.

Next week on Friday, April 19th, #gtchat will be LIVE from the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education in Pittsburgh, PA at a special time ~ 3PM EDT/2PM CDT/Noon PDT/8PM UK/ 5AM (Sat) Melbourne, AU. Our guest will be Mr. Jerry Blumengarten, aka @cybraryman1 on Twitter. He will be talking to us about his involvement with #gchat and the transformative power of Twitter in the lives of educators and parents of gifted children. Jerry is a retired teacher who taught in the New York City school system for 32 years. Jerry received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and Master’s from Hunter College. With over 25,000 followers, he is one of the best known teachers on Twitter. His website,, has curated over 20,000 educational links with an extensive page for Gifted & Talented.

This past week, #gtchat partnered with SENG Gifted when it conducted an interview with Dr. James Webb, founder of SENG and president of Great Potential Press, about the Misdiagnosis Initiative.  This silent crisis which affects millions of children who are misdiagnosed with mental disorders, but whose gifted characteristics are too often ignored or overlooked by healthcare professionals. Please take time to read the interview (link below) and share with your friends and organizations in (and outside) the gifted community.


Study Skills/Organization Page for students from @cybraryman1

The Portable Brain (Planners and Task Management) from@ayermish  

What Parents Can do to Help Their Children Get Organized from @DavidsonGifted 

Understanding Mind-Mapping Software ~ What is Mind-Mapping?

Gifted & Talented Teacher Toolkit from Texas Education Association

Why Are Graphic Organizers Successful for Gifted Students?

Organizational Skills for Visual-Spatial Learners from @GiftedDevCenter

An interview w/Dr. James Webb of @giftedbooks from #gtchat & @SENG_Gifted on the “Misdiagnosis Initiative”

Organizational Skills of Gifted Children

The Highly Distracted Gifted Child: You Can Help from @PsychToday

10 Helpful Tips for Parents of Gifted Children

Practical Solutions/Effective Curriculum for Underserved Gifted Students from Wm & Mary

Organizing Solutions for People With Attention Deficit Disorder (book)

Apps for Students with LD: Organization & Study

Creating Order from Chaos

Coffee for the Brain (blog)

On Giftedness, Organisational Challenges and a Wisewoman’s Words from @LesLinks

Labels: Good, Bad, or Simply Wrong

gtchat trending twitter

April 5, 2013 #gtchat is Trending on Twitter

It was an extraordinary chat ~ rapid fire comments: averaging one tweet every 6 seconds for an hour ~ as old and new participants joined #gtchat to discuss the veracity of labeling gifted children. In the end, there were many good points made on both sides of the debate; the need to label and the negative consequences of labels. No one seemed to think labels were ‘simply wrong’. It was also obvious that it was a topic of interest for many newcomers to chat as was evident when our hashtag began to trend … across the U.S. and in Canada and in Australia! The full transcript can be found here.

The final minutes of #gtchat was filled with several exciting announcements! On April 19th, #gtchat will be LIVE from the Pennsylvania Association of Gifted Children’s Annual Conference in Pittsburgh at a special time, 3PM to 4PM EDT. Our guest will be Jerry Blumengarten ( @cybraryman1) who was an early mentor to Deborah Mersino, founder of #gtchat, when she was starting the new chat on Twitter. Jerry is also a co-moderator of the popular #edchat on Twitter. As curator of, he has built an incredible educational portal site for students, parents and teachers.

On April 26th, #gtchat will welcome representatives from Gifted Homeschoolers Forum to introduce their new brochure, Educators’ Guide to Gifted children, written to be used as a tool for those who are working with educators who need to know about giftedness, gifted children and twice-exceptional children.

#gtchat is proud to announce an upcoming interview with Dr. James Webb on “The Misdiagnosis Initiative” begun last year by SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted). The interview will appear on this blog. A follow-up #gtchat will occur on May 10th at 7PM EDT with representatives from SENG.


Should students be labeled gifted? From Edutopia

Gifted, Talented and Separated

Does the “Gifted” label matter? From @DavidsonGifted

Do children need to know they’re gifted?

Campaign Against “Gifted & Talented” Label Revives Long-Standing Debate

Psychological Adjustment of Gifted Students (pdf)

Does the ‘Gifted’ Label Get in the Way of Developing Real Potential?

Wrestling with Misconceptions: Is the Gifted Label Good or Bad? (pdf)

The ‘Gifted’ Label: Burden or Blessing (pdf)

The History of Gifted and Talented Education

AHA Learners Presents Myths in Gifted Education PSAs

Cybraryman’s Twice Exceptional Children’s Page

Cybraryman’s Individualized Learning Programs and Personalized Education Plan Page

The Ineffective Gifted Label

Making the Choice: When Typical School Doesn’t Fit Your Atypical Child

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Resources: Twice-Exceptional (2e)

How to Work and Homeschool from Pamela Price

How the Common Core Will Affect Gifted Students

This week’s chat considered the new Common Core State Standards ~ the good and the not-so-good ~ and what they mean for gifted students. A wide array of opinions were expressed. Many felt that the new standards were just another policy doomed to failure, while others thought it showed promise. There was agreement that how the plan was implemented was critical for any success. A full transcript can be found here.

Global #gtchat would like to thank Mrs. Jo Frietag for her blog post at Sprite’s Site (link below) on our chat. Jo’s blog is in the running for Best Australian Blog 2013. We would also like to thank Edtech Magazine for a nice mention and inclusion in their recent blog post, “A Printable List of the Best Education Hashtags“. Their tweet on Twitter: “You know the hashtag #edtech. But do you know #gtchat? Here’s two-dozen education hashtags every teacher should know!”

News Alert: Look for #gtchat LIVE at the #PAGE13 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, April 19th at a special time @3PM EDT. We apologize that the month was tweeted incorrectly during chat!


Alabama Could Be First State to Use Standardized Tests Aligned with Common Core

Common Core State Standards and Gifted Education from @NAGCGIFTED  

FAQs from @NAGCGIFTED about CCSS and Gifted Education

Using the Common Core State Standards with Gifted Students” (pdf) from @carolyncoil

Common Core State Standards: A Good Fit for Gifted Education?

Will CCSS Serve Above Standard Students?” from the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University

Davidson Database Gifted Issues – Common Core from Davidson Gifted

Common Core State Standards” from Duke TIP

Gifted Students and the Common Core: Implications for Practice” (pdf)

iPad/iPod Applications for CC from Robeson County teachers 4 Academically Intellectually Gifted

Example of a Lesson Plan Using CCSS  Thanks to Mr. Dan Baker from 

Tres Columnae

Real Life Math & Other Enrichment Activities from Elvira G. Deyamport, Ed.S.

Cybraryman’s Common Core Page 

Cybraryman’s Common Core Math Page  

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