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Using Twitter in the Gifted Classroom

This week’s chat centered on the use of Twitter in the classroom and was joined by educators, homeschoolers and parents. Questions included how and if Twitter was currently being used in participants’ schools, ways to enhance curriculum and ways to connect students and teachers. A full transcript may be found here.


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Supporting Exhausted Parents of Gifted Children

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.”

~ Jerry Blumengarten

After insisting that ‘duct tape’ was not the answer, the moderator introduced the first question of this chat which involved considering why parents of gifted children are so exhausted. The responses were varied and not always expected. “They are often screaming into the wind trying to get assistance for the very child who is exhausting them at home.” “Because gifted and 2E kids do not have an off-switch – they are on full pace full intensity 24/7!””They’re often married to OTHER gifted people, which adds an entirely new layer to the whole dynamic.” “Even finding a sitter can be difficult!” The full transcript can be found on this blog.

Participants offered some strategies to help parents deal with the stress. “Just keep swimming. Find a tribe, read the books, have a plan A-Z.” “Cut yourself some slack. It’s not about being super parent.” “Do not rely on traditional parenting advice! Time outs and giving choices never worked for me!” “Don’t worry about the opinions of people who don’t live under your roof: friends, family, teachers, bosses, etc.”


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Is Unschooling Right for Your Gifted Child?

A lively discussion was engaged in during this week’s chat. I’m hopeful that new light was shed on unschooling and the  philosophy behind it. Participants included people from 16 states and 7 countries proving that this was a topic with global appeal. Although we chatted about unschooling in general, we also discussed why unschooling and homeschooling are so attractive to parents of gifted children. Mika Gustavson of Gifted Matters described unschooling as “Child-led learning; life-relevant learning; relevant-to-the-child learning.” A full transcript of the chat may be found here.

Two announcements were made during gtchat this past week. First, the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented will be powering our chat for the upcoming year. Many thanks to the folks at Texas Gifted, the Board of Directors and to J.J. Colburn, Executive Director for all they do and for their contribution to continuing the conversation within the global gifted community. Second, on June 7th at 7PM ET, #gtchat is pleased to welcome our first teen guest, Ms. Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz, CEO of @OrigamiSalami1. We will spotlight Calista in an upcoming blog post!

Once again, #gtchat became a trending topic on Twitter. Our thanks to all the great contributors who attend chat each week and provide such a strong presence on Twitter. We couldn’t do it without you!


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Becoming a Lifelong Advocate

We started this chat by asking the question, “Who should advocate for gifted children?” and the list seemed limitless. Among those mentioned included parents, grandparents, educators, higher-ed faculty, superintendents, politicians, and policy-makers to name a few. As Corin Goodwin, Executive Director of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, pointed out, “The thing is, advocating for a population isn’t just an education issue. It’s a humanity issue. Part of being civilized.” And Toby Brown added, “Like most things, we should model advocacy for all those who need support.” Experienced advocates already have a network which includes decision makers at the local, state level & beyond.

Global #gtchat then explored why people should advocate for gifted students beyond their/our own children’s school years? Many great responses were given. “Experienced advocates already have a network which includes decision makers at the local, state level & beyond.” “Lifelong advocates provide continuity in local gifted groups and state organizations.” A full transcript may be found here.

Special thanks for the many links added during chat by @Les Links (Leslie Graves), @cybraryman1 (Jerry Blumengarten) and @GiftedHF (Corin Goodwin).


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Livebinder from Leslie Graves on “Gifted Advocacy”

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