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Guest: Celi Trépanier, Author of ‘Educating Your Gifted Child How One PS Teacher Embraced Homeschooling’


Celi Trépanier


Author, Celi Trépanier, joined us this week to chat about her new book Educating Your Gifted Child How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling from Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Press. It is part of their Perspectives in Gifted Homeschooling Series. Celi also blogs at Crushing Tall Poppies which chronicles her journey as the parent of three gifted sons and as a new homeschooler.


Celi Trepanier Educating Your Gifted Child Book Cover

In her own words, Celi writes, as “a homeschooling mom, and a former public school teacher, I’ve been on both sides of the fence of education, gifted education, homeschooling, and gifted children.” Throughout the chat, it was clear that she is a fierce advocate for the rights of all children to receive an appropriate education that meets their needs and for teachers to be given support to make that happen.

In response to the question – Could traditional schools make any changes to better meet the needs of gifted learners? – Celi said, “Yes. A huge transformation is needed to meet current needs. We need to return education back to our teachers and parents.” Others agreed that much would have to change to address the gifted learner in public schools …

“Yes, but it would require LOTS of training and finding the proper teachers to do so.” ~ @yesteach, an elementary gifted ed teacher and specialist from Texas

“It is time to move out of the industrial age of education.” ~ @MrGelston, math educator from Massachusetts

“Identifying busy work and eliminating it. Making sure what kids do has real meaning.” ~ @Create_Miracles, gifted coach from Colorado

“Take back the classroom. Educate our administrators as well as to needs of gifted learners AND educate our elected officials for the need. Funding is pitiful for the specialist and teacher training.” ~ @teachfine, gifted specialist from Alabama

“I worry that we see education as working for most. I think it works for few. How do we stop conceptualizing reform as for the edges?” ~ @ProfBrandelyn, teacher educator from Ohio

There are signs to look for when traditional school is not working for a gifted children. Among those mentioned included boredom, depression, acting out, fear of failure, refusing to go to school, and unhappiness. Parents should watch for children becoming reticent about sharing news from school and for mood swings.

The decision to homeschool should not be taken lightly. Celi suggested, “Each family likely will have its own unique list of factors to consider like finances, time commitment, state laws, and feasibility.” Mr. Gelston asked, “Can you let go of traditional learning and move to a child centered model based on passion?” Everyone agreed that the child should be a part of the decision with one exception; when a child is in an abusive situation, but too young to know.

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Resources for homeschooling today are endless (Celi Trépanier) and can be found practically everywhere. Online, Gifted Homeschoolers Forum has an extensive array on their website. Libraries, museums and science centers all offer classes and chances for homeschoolers to socialize. Many areas have homeschool cooperatives where children can learn subjects from experts. And we appreciated the sentiment shared by GHF Executive Director, Corin Goodwin, ” Actually, I think #gtchat is a pretty darned good resource, too!” A full transcript may be found at Storify. Questions for this chat were posted to our Facebook Page.

Have you decided to homeschool your gifted child? We would love to hear your story and the reasons you made this decision. Please leave a comment below!

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