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How the Common Core Will Affect Gifted Students

This week’s chat considered the new Common Core State Standards ~ the good and the not-so-good ~ and what they mean for gifted students. A wide array of opinions were expressed. Many felt that the new standards were just another policy doomed to failure, while others thought it showed promise. There was agreement that how the plan was implemented was critical for any success. A full transcript can be found here.

Global #gtchat would like to thank Mrs. Jo Frietag for her blog post at Sprite’s Site (link below) on our chat. Jo’s blog is in the running for Best Australian Blog 2013. We would also like to thank Edtech Magazine for a nice mention and inclusion in their recent blog post, “A Printable List of the Best Education Hashtags“. Their tweet on Twitter: “You know the hashtag #edtech. But do you know #gtchat? Here’s two-dozen education hashtags every teacher should know!”

News Alert: Look for #gtchat LIVE at the #PAGE13 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, April 19th at a special time @3PM EDT. We apologize that the month was tweeted incorrectly during chat!


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Gifted Students and the Common Core: Implications for Practice” (pdf)

iPad/iPod Applications for CC from Robeson County teachers 4 Academically Intellectually Gifted

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#gtchat Showcase of TAGT ’12 Speakers: Dr. Carolyn Coil

On Friday, October 5th, #gtchat hosted the first in a series of chats with speakers at the upcoming TAGT ’12 Conference in Dallas, TX this November 28th through the 30th which will include both educators and parents. Participants at chat were from 13 states and 4 countries.

Dr. Carolyn Coil was our guest and she talked about two presentations she will be giving at the conference ~ “21st Century Self-Management Skills for Gifted Students” and “Advanced Activities/Assessments Focusing on Rigor, Higher-Level Thinking & Problem Solving”. Carolyn’s remarks were well received by chat participants with many retweets throughout the session. Brian Housand, a former student of Carolyn’s and a speaker at the TAGT Conference, was present and added many valuable comments as well.


Assessing Gifted Assessment Tools

Carolyn Coil’s website

Carolyn Coil at Pieces of Leaning

Carolyn Coil on Amazon

Standards-Based Activities & Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom (pdf)

Standards-Based Activities & Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom (video)

 Carolyn Coil at #TAGT2012 Annual Conference

An Introduction to Differentiation (Carolyn Coil’s Blog)

Ideas on ProjectBasedLearning from Edutopia

TAGT ’12 Session Planner

BagtheWeb on PBLs


Dr. Carolyn Coil

On Friday, October 5th, #gtchat welcomes Dr. Carolyn Coil to discuss her presentations, “Developing 21st Century Self-Management Skills for Gifted Students” and “Advanced Activities and Assessments Focusing on Rigor, Higher-Level Thinking and Problem Solving.” She will be a featured presenter at TAGT’s Annual Conference, November 28th – 30th, in Dallas, Texas.

Carolyn is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer, consultant and educator. She has an M.A. in Gifted Education and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. Her expertise includes practical strategies for raising student achievement, differentiating curriculum, implementing a variety of assessment strategies, and dealing with the problems and challenges associated with preparing parents of gifted and their children for living and working in the 21st century. A full bio may be found here.

Currently, Dr. Coil works as a consultant/author at Pieces of Learning in the U.S. and at Hawker Brownlow Education Pty. Ltd. in Australia. She is also an instructor for the State of Georgia Gifted and Talented Endorsement Program, a presenter for Staff Development for Education (SDE), a presenter for Creative Learning Consultants Inc., and an online instructor for Knowledge Delivery Systems (SDS).

Join us Friday to meet Carolyn and learn about her amazing career! Great links will be provided. We will be changing up our format to accommodate questions asked by the moderator for the first 15 to 20 minutes followed by an open session for chat participants to ask questions.

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