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Roles of School Personnel in the Life of a Gifted Child

Roles of School Personnel

The first few years of parenting a gifted child can often be both awesome and overwhelming at the same time. By the time they are ready to enter school, the educational system can seem daunting to even the well-informed parent. While every school system may be different, they will share many of the same personnel. It’s important to learn who should be contacted in certain situations whether it is testing and identification, additional services, or the special needs of twice-exceptional students.

Who should be the first person contacted in a school when considering gifted education for a child? School psychologists are usually tasked with testing and identification of gifted students. Gifted coordinators should be contacted if there isn’t a school psychologist. Some schools may require that only the principal be contacted directly by parents. In any case, try to determine who your first contact should be prior to taking action.

Deciding whether additional services are necessary is usually a decision made by a team of professionals who may include the parent, classroom teacher, GT teacher, school psychologist, guidance counselor and/or parent. Several states use Gifted Individualized Education Plans in which specific services can be stipulated. In the case of twice-exceptional students in the U.S., parents may consider pursuing a 504 Plan. (See links below for more information.) A full transcript can be found here.


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A Breakdown of the Roles of School Personnel

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