Twitter Tips for GT Teachers

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Twitter chats are a great way for GT teachers to grow their Personal Learning Network and avail themselves of free professional development on a weekly basis. It’s advisable to follow along with a chat you’d like to join for a few weeks before tweeting. This way you can learn how a particular chat progresses; such as how many and when questions are asked. Do not set your Twitter account to ‘private’ if you want to join a Twitter chat. Only your followers will see your tweets. If you’re a teacher concerned about privacy, set up a separate account for chats.

It’s easier than you think to participate in a Twitter chat. During your first chat, consider simply introducing yourself. AND don’t forget to add the hashtag is you aren’t using a platform that adds it for you!

Virtually all gifted organizations now have a presence on Twitter. The easiest way to find them is to simply do a search on Twitter. Types of organizations include national and state organizations, homeschool organizations, specialized schools and programs, and those providing social emotional support.

We asked participants what was one thing they know now that they wish they had known when they started on Twitter: ” Don’t follow every account that follows you just to increase your number of followers. Follow back accounts that tweet about your interests. You’ll be happy in the future as the numbers grow.” “Twitter is an excellent place to network and to connect with experts. Participating in chats can put you in touch with like-minded colleagues; something often missing in real life situations.”

It’s important to understand the importance of the hashtag, its purpose and how to use it. Look for existing hashtags; they are how Twitter is indexed. Don’t make up hashtags just to emphasize a topic or idea. CAPS work for that.

How can GT teachers use #gtchat to their advantage beyond simply chatting? Many teachers don’t initially realize that #gtchat is available 24/7 to connect with others in gifted education and the gifted community in general … Connect with teachers, academics, psychologists, organizations and authors. #gtchat provides a transcript on @Wakelet, a weekly blog post with a summary of the chat and resources, FB and Pinterest page, and YouTube channel. You can follow @gtchatmod for the latest news and info on the chat.

GT teachers can also utilize Twitter in the classroom. For example, they can connect classrooms online via Twitter to practice Twitter etiquette, share information, and to learn about other cultures in the global community. It’s also a great way to practice a foreign language and to conduct research. Teachers and students can engage with other classrooms to work collaboratively on projects, have a book study, host an author, connect with experts, host a Twitter chat, or seek out feedback on written assignments.

A transcript of this chat can be found at Wakelet. After checking out the transcript, you can see more resources from the chat below.

Global #gtchat Powered by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented  is a weekly chat on Twitter. Join us Thursdays at 8E/7C/6M/5P in the U.S. and Fridays at Noon NZST/10 AM AEST/1 AM UK  to discuss current topics in the gifted community and meet experts in the field. Transcripts of our weekly chats can be found at Wakelet. Our Facebook Page provides information on the chat and news and information regarding the gifted community. Also, checkout our Pinterest Page and Playlist on YouTube.

Head Shot 2014-07-14  About the authorLisa Conrad is the Moderator of Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT and Social Media Manager of the Global #gtchat Community. She is a longtime  advocate for gifted children and also blogs at  Gifted Parenting Support. Lisa can be contacted at:


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Image courtesy of Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons

Graphic courtesy of Lisa Conrad.

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