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There are many ways to find online for resources regarding gifted children, parenting, and the education of GT students. Google Alerts can be set to learn about the latest news in gifted children, gifted education and gifted & talented. Of course, you can check out @gtchatmod Twitter lists! Also, state and national gifted organization websites have great resources. Don’t rely solely on your own state’s sites; check around (TX, CA, OH, MN, CT).

Organizations for the gifted have resources for parents and teachers of GT students. On Twitter, a few include @NAGCGIFTED, @SENG_Gifted, @GiftedHF, @PPUK_,  and @wcgtc; as well as @IEAgifted @SIGifted @belinblank @CECTAG and @Hoagies Gifted.  Mainstream education websites also provide resources for gifted and talented; such as, @edutopia @ASCD, and @iste.

You can check out our transcript at Wakelet to see favorite books, blogs and documentaries of chat participants. We’ve included links below to additional sites.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in the links below is for informational purposes only and does not imply a recommendation by Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT.

Global #gtchat Powered by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented  is a weekly chat on Twitter. Join us Thursdays at 8E/7C/6M/5P in the U.S. and Fridays at Noon NZST/10 AM AEST/1 AM UK  to discuss current topics in the gifted community and meet experts in the field. Transcripts of our weekly chats can be found at Wakelet. Our Facebook Page provides information on the chat and news and information regarding the gifted community. Also, checkout our Pinterest Page and Playlist on YouTube.

Head Shot 2014-07-14  About the authorLisa Conrad is the Moderator of Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT and Social Media Manager of the Global #gtchat Community. She is a longtime  advocate for gifted children and also blogs at  Gifted Parenting Support. Lisa can be contacted at:



Publishers Specializing in the Gifted

Prufrock Press

Great Potential Press

GHF Press

Free Spirit Publishing

Royal Fireworks Press

Tumblehome Learning

AUS: Hawker Brownlow Education

Teachers College Press Columbia University

Information & Publications at NAGC


Books on Gifted Topics

TAGT Legacy Book Awards

Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children (Perspectives) (Volume 11) (Amazon) January 2018

How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up (Amazon) May 2018

The Gifted Kids Workbook: Mindfulness Skills to Help Children Reduce Stress, Balance Emotions, and Build Confidence (Amazon) Release Date: August 2018

The Power of Self-Advocacy for Gifted Learners: Teaching the Four Essential Steps to Success (Grades 5–12) (Amazon) October 2017

UK: Redefining More Able Education: Key Issues for Schools (Amazon) April 2018

Doing Poorly on Purpose: Strategies to Reverse Underachievement and Respect Student Dignity (Amazon) January 2018

UK: Providing for the Special Needs of Students with Gifts and Talents (Amazon Kindle Edition) November 2017

Twice Exceptional: Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students with Learning Difficulties (Amazon) February 2018

The Cheetah Stories: Understanding the Challenges of Being Gifted

Trilogy: The School for Gifted Potentials (Amazon)

Bust Your Buts: Tips for Teens Who Procrastinate (Amazon)

If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice Exceptional (Amazon)

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope with Explosive Feelings (2nd ed.) (Amazon)

Twice Exceptional: Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students with Learning Difficulties (Amazon)

Welcome to the Ark (Amazon)

Surviving the Applewhites (Amazon)

A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children (Amazon)

Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner (Amazon)

Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope (Amazon)

The Survival Guide for Gifted Kids: For Ages 10 and Under (Amazon)

Bright, Talented, & Black: A Guide for Families of African American Gifted Learners (Amazon)

Multicultural Gifted Education, 2nd ed. (Amazon)

Bright Not Broken: Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism (Amazon)

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary Executive Skills Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential (Amazon)

Off the Charts: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child (Amazon)

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future (Amazon)

Exceptionally Gifted Children (Amazon)

Mellow Out, They Say If I Only Could: Intensities and Sensitivities of the Young and Bright (Amazon)

Gifted Children: Myths And Realities (Amazon)

The Mislabeled Child: Looking Beyond Behavior to Find the True Sources and Solutions for Children’s Learning Challenges (Amazon)

When the Labels Don’t Fit: A New Approach to Raising a Challenging Child (Amazon)

Lost at School: Why Our Kids with Behavioral Challenges are Falling Through the Cracks and How We Can Help Them (Amazon)

Kindling the Spark: Recognizing and Developing Musical Talent (Amazon)

Dumbing Down America: The War on Our Nation’s Brightest Young Minds (And What We Can Do to Fight Back) (Amazon)

Iowa Acceleration Scale Manual 3rd Edition (Amazon)

Parents’ Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education: All You Need to Know to Make the Right Decisions for Your Child (Amazon)

Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds (Amazon)

Curriculum Compacting: A Guide to Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction through Enrichment and Acceleration (Amazon)

Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom: Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use (Amazon)

Education of the Gifted and Talented (6th Edition) (Amazon)

Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension Program Set of 7, 2nd ed. (Prufrock)

Leonardo da Vinci (Amazon)


Blog: Gifts for Learning

Blog: Sprite’s Site

Blog: laughing@chaos

Blog: Gifted Challenges

Blog: The Deep End

Blog: Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher

Blog: Yellow Readis

Blog: My Twice Baked Potato

Blog: Institute for Educational Advancement Blog

Blog: Your Rainforest Mind

Blog: Crushing Tall Poppies

Blog: The Fringy Bit


Mind Matters Podcasts

Podcast: Episode 8: A Guide to Self-Advocacy

Podcast: Episode 9: The Over-Under on Achievement

TILT Parenting Podcasts


BBC Documentary: Generation Gifted

Documentary: 2e – Twice Exceptional

Documentary: RISE The Extraordinary Journey of the Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted (Promo YouTube 7:19)

The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children (YouTube 14:21)

Documentary: The G Word (in production)

Documentary: Breaking the Bee


Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

National Society for the Gifted and Talented

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Belin-Blank Center

New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education

Chicago Gifted Community Center

Acceleration Institute



Google DOC: Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts For The Gifted Community

AUS: Gifted and Talented Education Kit for Teachers (GERRIC) Free

Cybraryman’s Gifted and Talented Page

Hoagies Gifted


Ginger Lewman: LifePractice Learning

Signal Fire Coaching

Image courtesy of Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

Graphic courtesy of Lisa Conrad

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