How Home & School Environment Affect Student Achievement

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How should student achievement be measured? Many schools are moving away from traditional measurements such as letter grades and testing. Assessment of achievement should reflect a student’s ability to use and understand what they’ve learned.

There is strong evidence that school climate – student/teacher relationships; values and norms; shared practices – affects student achievement. Students respond when schools emphasize academic excellence and promote positive interpersonal relationships.

Educators as role models impact students’ establishing goals for knowledge attainment, how they view their personal strengths, and their goals for the future. In contrast, students will assume negative perceptions by teachers of their abilities; such as, being thought of as lazy, unmotivated, or lacking ability. Teachers can have a positive effect on student achievement by encouraging students to do their best and by having high expectations of student performance.

School-wide interventions promoting healthy interpersonal relationships can drive improvement in student achievement. Interventions should stress building strong bonds between school mission and removal of barriers to full participation by all students in school activities fostering an affinity for school.

The home environment sets the stage for openness to learning; appreciation for achievement; and opportunity for learning outside of school. Creating a positive atmosphere in the home that nurtures, encourages, and responds to a child’s needs in a caring and fostering way will promote healthy academic achievement. A positive home environment that promotes student achievement will include provide ample reading materials, visits to libraries and regional enrichment opportunities such as museums or historical sites & time with intellectual peers.

Parents purposefully involving themselves in their child’s academic life by setting a positive tone about the importance of education can strongly influence achievement.  When parents and caregivers provide strong and clear messages about aspirations for their children regarding school performance, student achievement is positively impacted. A transcript of this chat may be found at Wakelet.

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Graphic courtesy of Lisa Conrad

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