Creative Passion and Gifted Adults

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Creative Passion and Gifted Adults proved to be a fascinating discussion about how creative passion is fostered and developed. The role of intensities in gifted adults was explored. A full transcript may be found here.

As promised during chat, please find all the links presented during chat and additional links as well. Below, also, find a reading list pertaining to creativity.


Creative Passion and Gifted Adults: Prodded by Our Angelic and Demonic Muse” by Douglas Eby

Joanna Penn: “Eliminate What Keeps You from Being Productive

Books to Fuel Your Creative Mind

Can Anyone Be Creative? How? What next?” by James C. Kaufman at The Creativity Post

Do Impostor Feelings Dampen Your Creativity?” by Douglas Eby

Do Artists Have Unique Brains?” at The Creative Mind

Mistakes Fuel Creativity and Innovation” at The Creative Mind

Do You Feel a Calling to be Creative?” at The Creative Mind

Positive Obsessions to be Creative” at Developing Multiple Talents

Creative Talent: Genetics, A Muse or Hard Work?” at Talent Development Resources

Journaling to Bring Creative Ideas to Life” by Douglas Eby at Psych Central

Developing Creativity (portal)

How Technology Enhances Creativity” by Greg Satell

The Creative Adult is the Child Who Has Survived” by Rita J. King

Self Care and Being Creative” by Douglas Eby for Psych Central

Brain Differences and Creativity” at Talent Development Resources

What Keeps You Away from Creative Work?” at The Creative Mind

Developing Creativity: Fear is Not a Disease

How to Create More Confidently

Curiosity and Creativity” by Douglas Eby at Psych Central

On Giftedness and Creativity” from Leslie Links

10 Ways to Boost Creativity” by Steve Tobak at CBS Moneywatch

Cybraryman’s Creativity Page

The Creativity Post from Co-founders Milena Fisher, Scott Kaufman, Elliot S Paul

The Dangers of Creativity Advocates” by James C. Kaufman

Is Creativity Declining Among Young Americans? Visual Art & Writing Examined by Catherine Griffin

Using Design Process (why & how) for Problem Solving & Education” from Craig Rusbult, Ph.D.

Tres Columnae – Building a Joyful Learning Community: Stories from Justin Schwamm

Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page: Creatively Gifted 

Cybraryman’s Passion Based Learning Page

The Gifted Guru


Philosophy of Creativity

The Philosophy of Creativity: New Essays (Amazon) from Scott Barry Kaufman

Why Smart People Hurt: A Guide for the Bright, the Sensitive & the Creative (Amazon) by Eric Maisel

Art Saves: Stories, Inspiration and Prompts Sharing the Power of Art (Amazon – Kindle) by Jenny Doh

The Myths of Creativity: The Truth about How Innovative Companies & People Generate Great Ideas (Amazon) by David Burkus

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative (Amazon) by Ken Robinson

Sparks of Genius: The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People (Amazon) by  Robert S. Root-Bernstein and Michele M. Root-Berstein

My Teeming Brain: Creativity in Creative Writers (Amazon) by Jane Piirto

The Psychology of Creative Writing (Amazon – Kindle) from Scott Barry Kaufman & James C. Kaufman

Understanding Creativity (Amazon) by Jane Piirto

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles (Amazon)

Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions (Amazon)

Developing Multiple Talents: The Personal Side of Creative Expression (Amazon – Kindle) by @DouglasEby

Developing Multiple Talents Eby

*Image Courtesy: MorgueFile

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