Gifted Children – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep,

and miles to go before I sleep.”

(Contritbuted via Jerry Blumengarten)

sleeping child  1

Sleep can be elusive for many gifted children. Many parents reported their children saying that their minds began racing at night preventing them from falling asleep. It was also noted that gifted children simply seemed to not need as much sleep. According to Webb & Kleine (1993) and Winner (2000), 20% of gifted individuals need less sleep; 20% need more. Sleep patterns remain well into adulthood. Nightmares/Sleep Terrors/Sleepwalking appear to be more prevalent among gifted children. (Webb et al)

What strategies did parents use to help their gifted children get to sleep? Suggestions included establishing a night time routine where children are required to shut down all electronics at a set time and allow for a ‘wind down’ period of time. They also allowed their children to read for an extended time,  using melatonin temporarily, snacks, back rubs, music,  and yoga. A complete transcript can be found here.

sleeping child 2


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Photos: Courtesy of the Morgue File

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