Is Gifted Education Relevant at the High School Level?

This week’s gtchat considered whether or not gifted education is relevant at the high school level. Jen Merrill may have said it best, “A person is gifted from birth to death, regardless of educational setting, so yeah, it’s relevant at the HS level.”

During the chat, we explored various programming options for high schools and whether most secondary schools were equipped to handle highly and profoundly gifted children.  A full transcript may be found here.

Links: “Educational Opportunities for Gifted Students at the High School Level” VA Dept of Education

EPGY – Digital Education Solutions Developed by Stanford University

The Integrated Curriculum Model (ICM) from William & Mary

National Curriculum Networking Conference Sessions & Handouts Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (Links by Subject)

Gifted Education Math & STEM ResourcesUsing Assessments to Differentiate Instruction” (pdf) by Dr. Susan K. Johnsen, Baylor University.

Creating a Continuum of K–12 Services for Gifted Learners” (pdf)

PBL and the Common Core: A Natural Partnership” (pdf) by Dr. Shelagh A. Gallagher

Multidisciplinary Lesson Planning: A 21st-Century Approach to Teaching Gifted Learners” (pdf)

The Efficacy of Word within the Word for Gifted & Typically Developing Students” (pdf)

Pulling It All Together: A Synthesis Model for Differentiated Curriculum for the Gifted Learner” (pdf)

Socrates in the 21st Century: Inquiry Strategies to Address the #CCSS” (pdf)

Real-Word Assessment” “Speed + Peers = Gifted Thinking for Middle School” (pdf)

University of Cambridge (UK) NRICH Enriching Mathematics

The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library (by grade level)

A Different Place … a place on the web to find differentiated activities in all content areas

Balanced Assessment in Mathematics” from Harvard Graduate School of Education

MIT Highlights for High School EPICS High School at Purdue University

Design Squad Nation (PBS)

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