Best Blogs in the Gifted Community

This week’s Poll topics resulted in the highest number of votes in the past two years. It was great to see many ‘old timers’ at this chat as well as many new faces. A full transcript may be found here.

Below you will find links to sites and blogs shared during the chat and a list of blogs assembled prior to chat. Several of the links are collections of blog links.

Links (from the chat):

How Well Does Gifted Education Use Social Media?

Gifted Challenges “Top Blogs about Gifted Children, Gifted Education, & Parenting”

Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher’s Blog Hop 2014

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Blog

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Blog Hop

New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week 2013 *

Gifted Phoenix’s Twitter List

Purdue’s OWL on Cting Blogs in APA Format

Are All Children Gifted?” From Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

Where is New Zealand’s Excellence Gap?”  From Gifted Phoenix

Byrdseed Gifted (website)

Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension (education blog)

Engage Their Minds

Raising Lifelong Learners

My Twice Baked Potato

Gifted Resources Blog (Jo Freitag)

Chasing Hollyfeld Through the Gifted Jungle

A Meaningful Mess

Gluten-Free Mum

Joyful Latin Learning – Tres Columnae

Lisa Rivero

Beyond Our Box Gifted Education Beyond the Norm

Farley’s Neverending Death Throes

* “New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week 2014” will be held June 17th to the 23rd. Follow @gtchatmod on Twitter who will provide more information as it becomes available.


Links to Blogs (does not imply endorsement):

An Intense Life (Christine Fonseca)

Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund

Belin-Blank (Univ of IA)

Beyond Intelligence (Dona Matthews)

Building Wing Span (Susanne Thomas)

Crushing Tall Poppies

Distilling G and T Ideas

Gifted and Talented Ireland (Peter Lydon)

Gifted Education Perspectives (Ben Hebebrand)

Gifted Exchange from @DavidsonGifted

Gifted Guru (Lisa Van Gemert)

Gifted Matters (Mika Gustavson)

Gifted Out of the Box

Gifted Parenting Support (Lisa Conrad)

Gifted Phoenix See Blogroll

Head Guru Teacher

High Ability

Innreach’s Blog  (Leslie Graves)

Irish Gifted Education Blog

Krumelurebloggen (Norway)

Laughing at Chaos (Jen Merrill)

Living the Life Fantastic (Karla Archer)

Parenting Gifted Kids

Prufrock Press Blog

Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher (Jeffrey Shoemaker)

Red, White and Grew (Pamela Price)

Smarte Barn (Norway)

Sprite’s Site (Jo Freitag)

Talent Igniter Blog (Deborah Ruf)

Talent Talk (Northwestern)

Talento y Euducacion (Javier Touron – Spain)

Teach a Gifted Kid (Angie French)

Teach From the Heart (Jen Marten)

Terry Bradley – Gifted Education

The Deep End (Stephanie Tolan)

The Maker Mom: Gifted Kids

Unexpected Gifts

Unwrapping the Gifted

Venspired (Krissy Venosdale)

Watch Out for Gifted People (Sarah Wilson GHF)

Wenda Sheard Thoughts on Life Learning

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