Mentoring Gifted Learners

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At this week’s chat, we discussed the benefits of mentoring gifted learners, where to look for mentors and how to set up a mentoring program. It was agreed that mentoring in general is good for gifted learners including peer to peer mentorships. A full transcript may be found here.


Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners (1990)

Mentoring the Gifted

Mentoring: An Educational Alternative for Gifted Students

UConn Mentor Connection: A Real-World Experience! July 6 – 25, 2014

Finding a Mentor for your Gifted Child

Extending Learning Through Mentorships (pdf) 

Mentoring of Gifted or High-Potential (Victoria, Aus)

ASPIRE High School Mentoring Program at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

UK: University of Hertfordshire Gifted & Talented eMentoring 

Connecting Gifted Students to Highly Successful Peers from PrufrockPress

Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education Mentoring Scheme 2013/2014

Mentor for the Highly Gifted Handbook (pdf)

Mentoring the Gifted from

NZ: The Good Ship Mentor (website)

Mentorships A Guide Book (pdf)

AUS: Setting Up a Mentoring Program (pdf)

The Virtual Scientist Guest Lecture Series

The Value of a Mentor from Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

Irving ISD “Gifted & Talented Independent Study Mentorship Presentation” (video)

University of Melbourne: Visions ~ Mentoring Giftedness (video)

“Wilson White Speaks about Internships & Mentorship” (video) 

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