2014 The Year Ahead

2014 got off to a rousing start with a look to the year ahead! It was exciting to see many old friends as well as many ‘first-timers’. In fact, there were so many tweets that we were unable to get to all of the prepared questions! A full transcript may be read here.

The chat was filled with some exciting news of upcoming guests ~ including Dr. Joy Davis (for a return appearance), Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, Christine Fonseca (for a 3rd guest appearance on our chat) and Dr. Dan Peters. All are in the process of being scheduled and dates will be announced in the near future.

We also discussed the possibility of a bi-lingual chat with teachers in the U.S. and Mexico which will admittedly take some planning. If you are interested in participating, please email gtchatmod@gmail.com for details.

There was certainly interest in moving the time for #gtchat. It has always been a difficult time slot for parents and teachers as well. Potential times included Thursday evening at 8/7 C or Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Unlike other educational chats, our ‘global’ nature has always been a serious consideration. At the current time, it is extremely difficult for our friends in the UK/Europe to participate on a regular basis.

In response to “who would you like to see as a guest”, we were pleased to see that several of our already contacted guests were on many people’s wishlist. Other requests included ~ Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden, Dr. Joyce Juntune, Dr. Jim Webb, Dr. Ed Amend, Stephanie Tolan, and Dr. George Betts. Please check out the transcript for a complete list.

“What would you like to chat about?” garnered enough responses to cover the entire year! Some of the topics mentioned included: math anxiety; gay and straight relationships for teens and gifted adults; how to start a parent advocacy group; twice-exceptional; gifted kids and puberty; adult perfectionism; and  Asperger’s and gifted. The moderator will work to include as many as possible.

In a welcomed turn of events, several other educational chats expressed interest in doing a joint chat with #gtchat. We hope to move on these requests in the very near future!

Gifted Education Myths

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be discussing “Myths of Gifted Education” and utilizing the list provided by the NAGC (US) on their website. Prechat tweets and retweets are showing a good deal of interest in this topic! Please join us on Fridays at 7/6 C on Twitter for engaging discussions on all things gifted.

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