TweetUp at NAGC 2013

When @gtchatmod (aka Lisa Conrad) learned she had been named to the NAGC’s Parent Editorial and Advisory Board, it was obvious that this year’s annual NAGC Convention was the perfect place for a TweetUp! With the help of Dr. Lynette Breedlove and the folks from TAGT, the TweetUp took place on Saturday at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis from 6 PM till 10 PM.

It is always a thrill to meet friends from #gtchat and this gathering was no exception. People came and went throughout the evening. We had people from Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Mississippi, Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri and Alabama. It’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed good food and good conversation!

Our next TweetUps will be at this year’s TAGT 2013 Annual Conference in Houston, Texas from December 4th to 6th. Please follow @gtchatmod on Twitter for further details.

TweetUp Ginger Elle Tracy Me NAGC Nov 2013Ginger Lewman, Elvira Deyamport, Lisa Conrad, Tracy Fisher

TweetUp Ian Elle NAGC Nov 2013Ian Byrd and Elvira Deyamport

TweetUp All NAGC 2013The Early Arrivals

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