Special Guest ~ Dr. Brian Housand

brian housand

This week, our special guest was Dr. Brian Housand, Assistant Professor at East Carolina State and member of the NAGC’s Board of Directors. He is also a well-known presenter at gifted conferences with standing-room only presentations.

Brian joined us to chat about his upcoming presentations at TAGT 2013 in Houston, TX, December 4 – 6. We discussed a variety of topics including using technology in the gifted classroom, BYOT, digital citizenship and the future of educational technology. A full transcript of the chat may be found here.

During the course of our chat, Brian made the astute observation that the introduction of CCSS in the U.S. has an unforeseen benefit to schools. The new online standardized tests associated with the Standards will require schools to update their technology; thus making it available to more students when not being used for testing. He added, however, that “Just because it [a school] uses technology does not mean that it is good – Good teaching and learning is still good regardless of the tool.”


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