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Conquering Cognitive Weariness with Guest, Lisa Van Gemert

Lisa Van Gemert

Always a conference favorite, Lisa Van Gemert joined us to talk about cognitive weariness, aka ‘boredom’ in the classroom. Lisa, the Gifted Guru, is the Gifted Youth Specialist for American Mensa. Their new Twitter handle is @MensaGT.

So, how exactly does Lisa define ‘cognitive weariness’? “Cognitive weariness is like the French ennui – existential boredom – specifically with regard to school work. Cognitive weariness hits when we have what one researcher called the “shriek of unused capacities.” The gifted are more prone to cognitive weariness because boredom is a root cause, and they are so often bored.”

When asked “What strategies can teachers use to counteract boredom?”, Lisa was prepared with a fantastic list of strategies. #1 Decrease predictability. Don’t run the class in the same pattern every day. #2 Decrease monotony. Don’t do the same thing for very long – no more than fifteen minutes, even in high school. #3 Increase choice. Feelings of confinement lead to boredom, and mental confinement counts, too. #4 Decrease distractions. That kid’s tapping pencil is increasing boredom in other kids. Little known, but true. #5 Accurately and consistently match ability with work level. Goldilocks the work. A full transcript may be found here.

You can find Lisa Van Gemert at TAGT 2013 in Houston, December 4th to 6th. She’s speaking with Brian Housand Thursday at 10:30 AM, Thursday at 12:15 PM and twice on Friday. All of her presentations are ‘not to be missed’.


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Rethinking Structure in the Gifted Classroom with Guest, David Sebek

David Sebek


David Sebek, middle school ELA teacher of the Fort Bend ISD, was our guest this week to discuss ‘Rethinking Structure in the Gifted Classroom’. He was TAGT’s 2011 Teacher of the Year. This proved to be a popular topic with many new participants and attendees from 25 states and 5 countries. A full transcript may be found here.

David started with the premise ~ Are we a teaching school or learning school? (Attributed to @ThatIanGilbert ). He continued by saying, “We should shift our paradigms to Future Proofing the Students. A basic premise we use is Reverse the Role of the Learner: Dependent, Passive Consumer to an Independent, Active Producer. ”


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TweetUp at NAGC 2013

When @gtchatmod (aka Lisa Conrad) learned she had been named to the NAGC’s Parent Editorial and Advisory Board, it was obvious that this year’s annual NAGC Convention was the perfect place for a TweetUp! With the help of Dr. Lynette Breedlove and the folks from TAGT, the TweetUp took place on Saturday at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis from 6 PM till 10 PM.

It is always a thrill to meet friends from #gtchat and this gathering was no exception. People came and went throughout the evening. We had people from Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Mississippi, Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri and Alabama. It’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed good food and good conversation!

Our next TweetUps will be at this year’s TAGT 2013 Annual Conference in Houston, Texas from December 4th to 6th. Please follow @gtchatmod on Twitter for further details.

TweetUp Ginger Elle Tracy Me NAGC Nov 2013Ginger Lewman, Elvira Deyamport, Lisa Conrad, Tracy Fisher

TweetUp Ian Elle NAGC Nov 2013Ian Byrd and Elvira Deyamport

TweetUp All NAGC 2013The Early Arrivals

Gifted Parent Conferences with Special Guest Stacia Taylor

Stacia Taylor TwitterStacia Taylor

Our special guest this week was Stacia Taylor. Stacia is the founder of Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted and the Vice Chair for the Parent & Community Advocates Division of he Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. This year’s TAGT Annual Parent Conference will be held in Houston on December 6th. This year’s keynote address will be given by Dr. Temple Grandin. Because there are no geographical limitations, anyone can attend the conference. A link to the registration form may be found here.

Mary Lovell TwitterMary Lovell

One of the subjects we discussed during the chat was why parents should become involved in advocacy at the state level. Stacia told us that, “State gifted organizations provide more local access and critical mass. You need people to affect change. It gives you a network of people in a similar situation who understand the laws & issues for your area. It is a conduit for learning and helping others to understand the issues of the gifted population ” Mary Lovell, Chair of TAGT’s Parent & Community Advocates Division added, “There are lots of reasons – one is that administrations listen to thoughtful parent groups more carefully than singletons.” A full transcript may be found here.

Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT would like to thank the NAGC for their mention during our chat!

NAGC Tweet gtchat Nov 7 2013


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