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Special Guest: Stacy Hughes Visual Spatial Learners

Stacy Hughes

#gtchat was joined by Texas teacher, Stacy Hughes, to chat about Visual Spatial Learners. Stacy began her teaching career at the middle school level for gifted in Florida in 1990.  She taught for 10 yrs before teaching overseas. In 2009, she began teaching grades 3-5 GT in Texas.

Stacy shared that VSL learners are characterized by mainly thinking in pictures. They must visualize to learn. Some think in snapshots, some in movies. They learn in spurts, and can intuitively take learning a few steps farther. They see patterns and relationships in things. Many chat participants shared their experiences as VSL learners. A full transcript may be found here.


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Special Guest: Krissy Venosdale of Venspired


Our special guest for this chat was Krissy Venosdale, aka @venspired. Known throughout the online educational community for her inspirational posters, Krissy is also the administrator at a Texas school for gifted children, past gifted education teacher, mother and future teacher in space. Krissy @venspired will be presenting at this year. Her topic will be Global Connections for Gifted Learners. 

In her own words, “I was a gifted kid that grew up to teach gifted kids. I’ve taught cluster grouping with elementary kids. I’ve also taught a pull out gifted program for several years. But now? I am a director at a gifted school @Rainard_School. I love I have a job where I get to spend days living out true passions… providing challenge & creative learning experiences.There have been many days, when I was the only gifted ed teacher in my school, got me through!” A full transcript may be found here.


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Challenges to Developing a Healthy Lifestyle for Gifted Kids

In chatting about healthy lifestyles for gifted kids, we learned that studies and sentiments are mixed when it comes to  whether the gifted are at greater risk for health issues. Topics discussed included mental health, sleep issues, overexcitabilities and misdiagnosis. A full transcript may be found here.


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Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children

Healthcare Providers’ Guide to Gifted Children

Gifted Children’s Health Locus of Control (Original: 1993)

The Misunderstood Face of Giftedness by Marianne Kuzujanakis

Depression and Gifted Children from Duke TIP

‘Searching for Meaning Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope’ by Webb

Gifted Children Benefit from Health Classes Accelerated to Their Needs (Abstract)

The Role of Teacher Perspective in Educating Gifted Students

“How much does a teacher’s attitude about giftedness affect their teaching of gifted students?” was the first question we considered in this chat. There seemed to be general agreement that it plays a major role in meeting or not meeting the needs of identified gifted learners. The moderator pointed out that gifted students are the ‘group’ of students making the least progress among all groups and that teachers and administrators needed to be made aware of this fact. It was also pointed out that teacher attitude towards gifted children is responsible for a great deal of friction with parents.

A lesser known issue was discussed concerning the interaction between teachers of gifted students and the rest of the faculty. Too often gifted teachers feel isolated. Teachers in Pull-Out Programs may have little interaction with faculty or staff. Negative attitudes based on misplaced views of gifted students spill over into school policy which also affects them.

Suggestions on how to improve the situation included more courses for pre-service teachers in gifted education at the undergraduate level, gifted certification for any teacher involved in teaching gifted students, providing information about giftedness to general education teachers and on-going professional development in gifted education. A full transcript of the chat may be found here.


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Experimenter Expectations

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