Gifted Adults and Impostor Syndrome

impostor syndrome

What Is Impostor Syndrome? That was the question we attempted to answer during #gtchat as well as ways to combat it. Feeling like a fake, just lucky, or false modesty are all characteristics of Impostor Syndrome. It is at the crux of social anxiety; yet, unlike simple insecurity, it drives one forward.

Highly successful; highly accomplished people often suffer from Impostor Syndrome. More women than men express feelings of being a fraud. More so minorities; those from low SES suffer from it.

Why does Impostor Syndrome happen in successful people? One reason is too much praise too early. When failure inevitably comes, one questions oneself. Also, when normal means coming in first, second place feels like failure.

What can be done to combat Impostor Syndrome? Realizing you are not alone. Many experience Impostor Syndrome; few talk about it. Pat yourself on the back. Remind yourself of what you’ve done. Find a mentor/become a mentor. Remember … a little humility can go a long way.

A full transcript may be found here.


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