Special Guest: Dr. Lynne Kenney, author of BLOOM

Global #gtchat welcomed Dr. Lynne Kenney to our chat to discuss her new book, BLOOM. The book is available in digital form on Dr. Kenney’s website (see link below) as well as at Amazon for the Kindle. Much of the information in the book is relevant for parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children. One lucky chat participant won a copy of BLOOM during the chat! A full transcript can be found here.

The first question to be considered was how parents can move from a punishment-reward paradigm to a more positive type of parenting.  Dr. Lynne explained that focusing on the connection between desired behaviors and attachment is key with gifted kids. She also stated that we need to think beyond rewards and into relationships building, collaboration and thinking skills. The moderator noted that if reward-punishment systems worked, we wouldn’t be seeing the increase of poor behavior in kids that we do today.

Other issues discussed included the importance of having an organized home for the atypical child, how parents can help children to build communication skills, and how to stop ‘setting off’ our children with the ‘tell, don’t yell’ strategy. Please check out the links below.


BLOOM at Dr. Kenney’s website – Full graphical version & stream-lined graphics version

BLOOM Kindle Edition (Amazon)

Co-author, Wendy Young’s website Kidlutions

DrLynneKenney on Blog Talk Radio from TheCoffeeKlatch

Play Math from @DrLynneKenney

The Family Coach Method (Amazon) from @DrLynneKenney

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