Special Guest: Jerry Blumengarten and The Transformative Power of Twitter

Jerry Blumengarten


One of the most recognizable educators on Twitter today is Jerry Blumengarten, aka @cybraryman1, and #gtchat was privileged to have him as our guest at our live chat from the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education in Pittsburgh, PA. Jerry has been a mentor and friend to thousands of  teachers on Twitter. He is well known for his expansive website ~ Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites where he has curated over 20,000 links for parents, students and educators.

Although Jerry was with us virtually, it was a bit of a homecoming for him as he is a proud graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. After Pitt, Jerry taught in New York City for 32 years before retiring to Florida with his lovely wife, Gail. He is the father and grandfather of gifted children.

When Deborah Mersino began #gtchat in 2010, Jerry helped her with logistics & promotion of the chat. He now co-moderates #edchat and contributes to numerous other chats. In a very perceptive post entitled, “Beyond Curating and Sharing – How Cybraryman Teaches on Twitter“, one reviewer described Jerry this way ~ “… if you’re reading this and you know anything about Cybraryman, what makes the difference is Jerry. The teacher makes the difference. You see, Jerry doesn’t just blindly promote the Cybrary at any old time, linking folks to the front page and telling them good luck from there. No, Jerry does what great teachers do – he listens. … and he responds with resources. He shares his own experiences and then provides external sources so that we can further explore based on our need and desire to learn.”

Jerry shared some great insights about Twitter with us during the chat. “[The] Beauty of Twitter [is that] it is a level playing field. [You] can tweet with educators, parents, policy makers, politicians, experts in all fields. The key to Twitter are the hashtags. I firmly believe that not only hashtags are important but the chats associated with them are what makes Twitter so valuable. Just look today at the wonderful participants from all over the world. It trends & has a global reach that is amazing! Chats enable the sharing of all points of view and many you were not aware of. Also extends your learning.” A full transcript can be found here.


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