The Homework Dilemma

People from 6 countries and 13 states joined together to discuss the problems with homework. New faces continue to join each week and we always welcome those who prefer to simply lurk and learn. Congratulations was extended to longtime chat participant, Leslie Graves (@LesLinks) who was recently elected president of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. She will take office in August at their World Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

A consensus was reached by hour’s end that homework should be meaningful, an extension of learning in the classroom and not be graded. Cybraryman introduced a bit of levity into the chat with one of his homework jokes, “Why did the student eat his homework?” Answer* to follow later in this post. A full transcript may be found here.

Participants also discussed the ‘flipped classroom’, strategies to help children with their homework and the best places to find resources for homework help.

At the end of chat, it was announced that March 22nd will be a very special chat as we celebrate our first year of support by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. Not only have they provided excellent support to the moderator, but have helped to spread the word about chat through their website, weekly member’s eNewsletter, and by giving voice to #gtchat throughout their annual conference. Look for an all star line-up of guests that day as we chat about the value of Twitter chats. Please join us at 7PM EDT/6PM CDT. Also, note that the U.S. has already changed to Daylight Savings Time. Check your location’s time here.


Sprite on the Subject of Homework” from @jofrei

Cybraryman’s Homework Help Page

Cybraryman’s The Homework Debate Page

How to do Homework Without Throwing Up from Free Spirit Publishing

Ending the Homework Hassle (ebook)

Homework Without Tears (Amazon)

The Big Book of Parenting Solutions (Borba)

Homework: New Research Suggests It May Be an Unnecessary Evil

Is The Nightly Homework Battle Worth It? (NPR)

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper

Scholastic’s Homework Hub

Homework: The Good and the Bad from @SENG_Gifted

Getting Organized – Homework Steps from Sprite’s Site @jofrei

Homework Takes a Hit

Five Hallmarks of Good Homework

Livebinders: Flipping the Classroom

Flip Your Classroom through Reverse Instruction 

The Flipped Classroom Engages Students and Challenges Teachers

Why I Bothered to Flip My Classroom from @TheHeadKnuckle

8 Crucial Resources for Flipped Classrooms from @edudemic

Salman Kahn: Let’s Used Video to Reinvent Education (TED Talk – video)

Rethinking Teaching and Time with the Flipped Classroom


* Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake!



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