Ginger Lewman and Project Based Learning

Ginger Lewman

Our recent chat with Ginger Lewman centered on Project-Based Learning. Ginger is an Education Consultant with ESSDACK, specializing in Project/Problem Based Learning, gifted and high-ability learners, differentiated instruction, and technology integration. After teaching in public schools for 15+ years, she joined the ESSDACK team, partnering with Kevin Honeycutt to bring you LifePracticePBL, a flavor of Project Based Learning that engages all learners, Kindergarten through High School.

Ginger presented a thorough explanation of the difference between doing projects and Project-Based Learning. “Doing projects is about learning a topic, reading something, being taught AND THEN doing a project that demonstrates what you learned. On the other hand, PBL is about learning *by* doing. It’s about having a question or a challenge to answer and that the learning happens because it has to be gathered/experienced. And the learning has to occur in order to answer the Question or solve the problem.” A full transcript of the chat may be found here.



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