“Write to Learn: How Blogging Can Inspire”

This chat drew an unexpectedly large crowd from 18 states and 5 countries to discuss blogging for gifted students and adult bloggers as well. It was great to see so many new faces and old friends. Since its inception, gtchat has spawned many gifted blogs which in turn have inspired thousands of readers. It was also encouraging to hear that so many teachers were planning to have their students start blogging in the new year.

Where did our bloggers find inspiration?  “Twitter. Quotes. Twitter. Students. The world. Chats. Others blogs. Did I mention students? <–all inspiring!” (Krissy Venosdale) “I write what I live and know. My kids are a huge inspiration for what I write or probably more accurate: the inspiration.” (Stacia Taylor) “Inspiration from my life, the questions I have from clients, questions I see raised in forums/boards/groups -ways to become/be.” (Edith Johnston) “Focusing my writing on teacher behavior, I find the faculty meetings & my own classroom to be awesome source of inspiration”. (Mark Clements) “My inspiration comes mostly from the chats and Twitter stream. Enjoy sharing my resources and experience.” (Jerry Blumengarten)

What were considered some of the benefits of student blogging? “I feel blogging is wonderful for students. It even gives the quietest student a voice that can be heard globally.” (Jerry Blumengarten) “My students are working on writing thoughtful comments on other students’ blogs.” (Michael Buist) “We blog with our class; kids love to share our learning with their families (and the world).” (Krissy Venosdale) “Biggest benefit…motivation to produce high quality work. They know there’s an audience…this drives them to do well.” (Engaging Educators)

Below, you will find many links to sources that can help you start blogging with your students/children and ways to improve them if you have already started. The transcript to this chat may be found here.


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Cybraryman1: Blogs

Cybraryman1: Class Blogs

How Blogging Can Improve Student Writing

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100 Seriously Cool Classroom Blogs for Teaching Ideas & Inspiration

Classroom Blogging Wiki: Blogging Activities 


Engaging Educators

Joyful Latin Learning – Tres Columnae

Jofrei and Co.


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Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog


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