#gtchat: Special Guest, Dr. Brian Housand

Dr. Brian Housand was our most recent guest on #gtchat. Brian is an associate professor at East Carolina University, previous Chair of Computers and Technology Network at the NAGC, a member of the Board of Directors at the NAGC and a nationally recognized speaker at gifted conferences. He will be speaking at TAGT ’12 in Dallas at the end of this month. He specializes in technology in the classroom and chat abounded with many useful links to tech tools and apps.

Brian’s interest in gifted education peaked when he attended his first NAGC conference in 2000. He did his graduate work at 3 Summers Master Program at UCONN and received his PhD there as well along with his wife, Angela Housand. He studied under the tutelage of Joseph Renzulli, Sally Reis, Del Siegle and others. Even today, he returns to his alma mater for Confratute and Imagine summer camp every year. Brian considers himself a ‘Proud Geek’!

In sharing his philosophy of gifted education, Brian said that he “deeply believes that we should be providing a continuum of services for our gifted students. We must provide them with exposure to a wide variety of experiences designed specifically to spur their curiosity. We then need to provide the space and support for them to explore and develop their talents. That being said, I also believe that they need to be allowed to go as far as they want to through the curriculum.”


Brian Housand’s Bio

From Slideshare: Creating Your Digital Footprint

Brian at Classroom 2.0 http://goo.gl/HqB4P

Abstract: “The Effects of Using Renzulli Learning on Student Achievement”

Brians’s Prezi: 21st Century Skills: Learning & Innovation 

NAGC’s Computers & Technology

#Gifted Education in the 21st Century

Plugging Into Creative Outlets

TAGT Annual Conference 2012

EGOR East Carolina Gifted Online Resources

Confratute 2013 July 14th – 19th at UCONN

Free Technology for Teachers

Reach Rocketeers

60 in 60 by @brianhousand

A Google a Day

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

National STEM Video Game Challenge

Teach with Portals

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

World of Warcraft in Schools http://goo.gl/4bhKa

Best Practices: 3D Virtual Worlds in (K12/International) Schools David W. Deeds

TED Ed’s Flipping Tool

3D Virtual Worlds: Educational Technology

Mission V from Ireland

instaGrok http://goo.gl/rWmCr


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