Overexcitablilities of Gifted Adults

Teacher Jen Martin summed up this week’s chat in the closing minutes with this tweet, “OEs (Overexcitabilities) makes us who we are. Embrace it!” It was an ‘exciting’ chat from start to finish with over 440 tweets in one hour (with many additional tweets and conversations on Facebook afterwards).

Participants discussed exactly what overexcitabilities were, how they affected their lives both positively and negatively, how it affected their parenting and strategies on how to deal with them. A full transcript can be found at Storify.

Next week, #gtchat welcomes guest, Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Youth Specialist from American Mensa. Lisa will be presenting at the TAGT Conference in Dallas this year. Her topics will include: “Deliberate Excellence and the Creativity Prescription”, “Addressing the Triple Threat: Perfectionism, Lack of Internal Motivation and Boredom” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: Tapping Into the Power of Your Memory”.

Please set aside an hour this week on Friday at 6PM CT to join us for this special chat!


Sprite’s Site, “Delta Dog

Sprite’s Site, “Be Creative with the Dabrowski Dogs

Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities – A Layman’s Explanation” from Stephanie Tolan

Emotional Intensity and Overexcitabilities” Gifted Parenting Support

Mellow Out, They Say, If I Only Could. Book from Michael Piechowski (Amazon)

From @HoagiesGifted “Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities

Overexcitability and the Gifted” from SENG

Emotional Life & Psychotherapy of the Gifted in Light of Dabrowski’s Theory” (pdf) h

Overexcitabilities and Sensitivities” (pdf)  

Intellectual Overexcitability in Action

Channeling Intensity Through Creative Expression

From @DouglasEby “Steve Jobs: Intensities and Overexcitabilities

Gifted Adults Are Different from an Early Age” from @DouglasEby

Misdiagnosis of Gifted Adults: Development on the Edge” from @DouglasEby

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  1. Übererregbarkeit gibt es öfters als man denkt.

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