Exploring New Family Enrichment Activities

Participants from 13 states and 5 countries joined #gtchat to discuss family enrichment activities. Manynew faces and some old friends shared links to some amazing activities. A new acronym was coined during the chat, TTFN – made famous by Tigger of Winnie-the-Pooh – now stands for (at least during #gtchat) Thank Twitter it’s Friday Night (thanks to Jack Hanford).

Some of the ideas shared included geocaching, traveling, touring  local ethnic food stores and eateries, and virtual tours via Google street view and underwater view. For a more extensive review of this chat, please go to our page on TAGT’s website for the transcript which is posted Monday mornings following each chat.


From @HoagiesGifted ‘Geocaching: The Sport for Gifted Kids of All Ages

Geocaching (website)

What is geocaching? (video)

From @HoagiesGifted ‘Life in the Asynchronous Family

From @stacitaylortex ~ “Around the World in Our Town

From @susannewith5 ~ “Don’t Eat Jack” a timely Halloween activity

Enrichment for Gifted & Talented Children

From @NAGCBritain “Enrichment and Out-of-School Activities

From Northwestern’s @CTDatNU ~ GLL ‘Family Program K-2

Enrichment Activities and Resources for Gifted Children

From  @cybraryman1 My Robotics Page

From @cybraryman1 Parent – Child Activities

From @cybraryman1 My Dance Page

Google Underwater Locations

From @jofrei The Art of Conversation

Zome Lesson Plans

From @cybraryman1 My Cooking and Recipes Page

From @cybraryman1 My Insects Page

From @cybraryman1 Family Events

From @cybraryman1 Music Page

From @HoagiesGifted Art, Theater & Music Links

From @cybraryman1 My Geocaching (Orienteering)Page  

From @cybraryman1 QR Code Page

From @LesLinks On Giftedness, a Few Activities, a Little Fun and keeping the Spark Alive


From @HoagiesGifted Smart Strategy Games

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  1. These are such awesome activities! Thanks for including our favorites amongst so many other fantastic ideas!

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