If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back?

Last week, Jen Merrill, author of If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back? was our special guest. She is a longtime friend of #gtchat and it was particularly gratifying to chat with her. Jen’s book, published by Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, is a humorous look at life with a twice-exceptional child. As many parents can attest to, you have to laugh or you would cry, and cry and cry.

During the chat, Jen revealed that The Incredibles is one of her favorite movies because “It’s a GT family succeeding BECAUSE of their OEs [over-excitabilities], not despite them. They came out of hiding to use those gifts to help society. And society came to appreciate those gifts, even though they themselves didn’t have or understand them.”

After years of trying to work within the public school system, Jen eventually decided to homeschool her older son which has worked out well for her family.

Mona Chicks of Seattle summed up the joys of raising a 2ekid with this, “Lord, give me patience, because if you give me strength I’m gonna need bail money to go with it.”

A full transcript of the chat can be found at http://txgifted.org/gtchat-transcripts .

Links from the chat:

Jen’s book at Amazon in print and for the Kindle ~ http://goo.gl/UMLKt

Jen’s book for the Nook  ~ http://goo.gl/Adn4B

Jen’s blog, Laughing at Chaos ~ http://goo.gl/OT22t

More books from GHF Press ~ http://goo.gl/bfIjP

Jo Freitag has discussion notes on ‘The Incredibles’ ~ http://goo.gl/W57It

Articles on #Gifted & #2ekids from @GiftedHF ~ http://goo.gl/pw7qp


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